Procurement Success Awards 2020

Celebrating Procurement Excellence

Entry Deadline: August 12, 2020

Awards Ceremony: November 18, 2020 | Shanghai, China

About Procurement Success Awards

Procurement is a crucial function in any organization that continually shaping and transforming your business for the better, resulting in delivering more value. Procurement excellence in our profession is definitely worth recognizing, celebrating, and rewarding. Outstanding teams and projects deserve more attention than ever before.

Recognized as the unmissable awards program, the Procurement Success Awards 2020 rewards the excellent procurement teams. The award ceremony will gather the greatest procurement organizations and thought procurement leaders for a spectacular evening of anticipation, entertainment, and inspiration. It’s a great opportunity to motivate your team and recognize their hard work, while also celebrating your procurement success. Enter now for your chance at a spot on the prestigious list of finalists and category winners.

Meet the Judges

To ensure the professionalism, independent and justice of the judging process, 15 procurement leaders will form panel of judges to escort the awards. Here comes the top-level judges:

  Chair of Judges  

Joseph N. Agresta

Former CPO

  The Judges Line-up  

Dr.Arnd Hirschberg

Global CPO

Angela Qu


Amita Khurana


Mu Wen

EVP,Purchasing and Supplier Management

Shimin Jiang

VP, SCM & IT & Process Management

Fan Hua

General Manager, Global Sourcing

Awards Categories

There are 13 awards categories that you can choose to submit one or more entries for. They are divided into case and non-case categories. When entering for case categories, please note that your submission materials should be led by cases study.

  Case Category  

Recognising successful digital procurement transformation projects.

In 2020, procurement will fully enter the digital era. Procurement must make changes, and transformation is imperative.

This category rewards procurement teams who have implemented successful digital transformation resulting in transformative outcomes. This could include the successful reconceptualization and reorganization of procurement strategies, processes, personnel, skills, and support systems through using emerging digital technologies. The new possibilities become operational, bringing huge benefits and a more agile and competitive organization.

Recognising success in innovative cost saving.

This category is open to procurement teams who have implemented successful innovative cost saving projects. This could include negotiating reduced pricing and/or additional goods or services, as well as realizing savings by driving purchases to contract sources or some of your innovative approaches, but entrants must evidence it’s validated and provide specific savings figures.

Recognising excellence in procurement risk management.

This category rewards procurement teams who have become master of complexity and stay in front of risk in order to safeguard their organizations against cost or reputational damage, or mitigated risk within the business or procurement to gain competitive advantage.

*This category is open to both Procurement Organizations and Vendors.

Outstanding contribution award for overcoming the difficulties under the COVID-19.

Under the COVID-19 outbreak, the Numbers that worry us every day are not just Numbers but precious life. Every second there are countless people waiting, expecting and offering. As important part of the wide efforts to respond to the global outbreak, many procurement personnel had outstanding performance.

This category was created to thank and recognize enterprises or procurement teams that have made great contributions to the fight against the COVID-19 in terms of procurement and supply, breaking through all the difficulties and obstacles. This could include enterprises/procurement teams that overcome unforeseen difficulties to source urgently needed medical supplies to Wuhan as quickly as possible; Include E-procurement platforms heavy-handed attack on the excessively high price of protective devices, counterfeiting and other illegal act ; Include suppliers who deliver on time and with good quality during the outbreak and so on.

Recognising excellent procurement consultancy projects.

This category is open to consultancy firms who have delivered strategic business improvement projects. The Documents Presented must be cases study-led demonstrate how the consultancy firm provides excellent procurement services.

Recognising the provider that’s creating an innovative solution to support procurement’s value delivery.

It is important to recognize the innovations enabling procurement to fundamentally transform the ability of the function to deliver more value.

This category rewards the solution provider and the work they do to support procurement teams solve their problems and attain their goals are vital to the overall achievement and development of the procurement profession. The submission should be led by cases study that demonstrate how the provider offers superior procurement solutions to its customers.

  Non-Case Category  

Recognising excellent cross-functional teamwork projects.

This category was created to give recognition to procurement teams who have implemented excellent projects, such as in procurement projects or business process improvement, putting in place to work together with internal teams or other departments.

Recognising collaborative SRM projects.

This category is seeking procurement teams that have implemented successfully specific supplier relationship projects or an overarching SRM strategy development project. And entrants should demonstrate the processes and mechanisms that the procurement team and supplier working collaboratively on a successful project. Examples may be supplier development projects, new product development or innovation projects.

Recognising sustainable, environmental and responsible procurement projects.

This category rewards ethical procurement that is the integration of sustainable, environmental and responsible performance factors into the process of selecting products, services or suppliers. These can be either procurement-led or organization-led initiatives, However, entrants must evidence the specific procurement or supply chain role in the project’s success.

Recognising high performing procurement teams.

This category was created to give recognition to procurement teams who have gave recognition to team efforts in achieving outstanding corporate/procurement results. For example, increased efficiencies, influence, savings or competitive advantage.

Recognising the excellent E-Procurement Platforms that provides channel for enterprises to purchase office supplies and services, MRO items and more.

The category opens to E-Procurement Platforms offering enterprises of all sizes an easy way to meet all of their procurement needs. This could include help procurement function improve procurement efficiency, decrease comprehensive procurement costs, simplifies the process, etc.

Recognizing the technology-driven procurement solutions and the companies responsible for their development.

This category rewards the procurement technology that created an excellent solution to support procurement function for creating and delivering value that they want.

Recognising excellent procurement service provider.

This award, open to firms offering outsourcing, marketing intelligence, travel, recruiters and executive search businesses, legal, translation and any other similar business service, recognizes they improve the customer experience, help procurement function increase operational efficiency or save costs.

The following awards are open to Procurement Organisations:

Cross-Functional Collaboration Award, Supplier Collaboration Award, Corporate Social Responsibility Award, The Best Procurement Team Award, Digital Transformation Award, Cost Saving Innovation Award, Risk Management Award, Outstanding Contribution Award for the COVID-19.

The following awards are open to Vendors:

Outstanding Contribution Award for the COVID-19,E-Procurement Platform of the Year Award, Procurement Technology Award, Service Provider of the Year Award, Procurement Consultancy Project Award and Solution Innovation Award.

Why the Procurement Success Awards


Celebrate with Your Team

Being an award-winner is a powerful motivator to inspire you and your colleagues to keep up the great work!


Enhance Your Reputation

Gaining credible third-party endorsement to emphasize your merit to colleagues, clients, bosses & stakeholders.


Generate Brand Awareness

Winning an award provides great PR potential - a cost-effective way of raising brand awareness.


Aspire to Better Practice

Seeing what others do in your industry and benchmark your success.

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Sponsoring the Procurement Success Awards 2020 aligns your brand with excellence, innovation and success. It positions your business in front of the region’s top procurement leaders and key influencers. The Awards offer enormous marketing, branding and sponsorship opportunities.