PSS2019: Asia

October 30 – November 1, 2019 | Shanghai, China
Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel


Growing in the Age of Risk and Leading with Digital Transformation

China's economy growth is slowing down, and the increment is limited. Enterprises are transforming into producing high-value product. Procurement is shifting focus to strategic cost management and value chain optimization. The globalization of supply chain is increasing. In the face of trade wars, the loss of cost advantage, and the relocation of supplier networks, procurement need to make flexible adjustments in a short time.

Digitization is changing the traditional business model and industry situation. Chinese consumers are upgrading their consumption habits, which is accelerating the journey to consumer-driven supply chain. That gives a strong push towards procurement specialization and focus on service. Enterprises must keep flexible and efficient in this increasingly competitive world.

Hotspots May Be of Your Interest

  • The Strategic Role of Procurement and Business Priorities Alignment
  • Enhance Cost Reduction and Optimization
  • Strategic Sourcing at the Global Scale
  • Application of Digital Procurement like AI, Cloud Services, Big Data, Block Chain
  • New Members to Grow – Meet with the Millennial
  • E-Procurement
  • Moving Forward to 2025 – Procurement Future
  • Risk Management under Circumstances of Trade Dispute, Rising Geopolitical Factors and Increasing Nature Disasters
  • Supply Chain Transparency in Information and Process
  • Implement Scorecard to Measure your Performance
  • Leadership and Team Building in Cross-Functional Team
Day 1 October 30
Morning Plenary

The Strategic Role and Market Dynamic

Afternoon Plenary

Grow Revenue through Digital Strategy

Day2 October 31
Day for Track

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Innovation and Creativity

Supplier Collaboration and Management

Strategic Sourcing

From Cost Reduction to Value Creation

Indirect Sourcing and Category Management

Day3 November 1

Develop Talent and Leadership to Create high-performance Workforce and Team

Pre-Conference Workshop Will Be Designed to Add Value to Your Attendance
October 28- 29, 2019

We offer extra discounts for both registration of workshop and main conference.

Trainer: Mr. Joseph Agresta
Training Brief

Procurement and supply management professionals recognize the need to produce dramatic results in an increasingly complex business environment. This is especially true in these challenging economic times and necessitates a truly STRATEGIC approach to what was traditionally a transactional procurement function. Truly progressive organizations worldwide have been able to transition from a transactional role to become a strategic sourcing instrument of the organization, which reduces costs, while increasing both efficiency and effectiveness.
Such a strategic transition must concurrently address the critical aspects of supplier management. Progressive organizations must therefore establish the strategic capabilities created by both strategic sourcing and active management of supplier risk to assure an optimized supply chain.

Trainer: Mr. Henry Soo
Training Brief

What Is SCOR® Model?

Supply Chain Operations Reference model, or SCOR® model in brief, is a model that can be applied to the supply chain of any industry, as well as applied to any organization in the supply chain. By using the methodologies of process analysis and design, performance metrics setting and monitoring, best practice benchmarking and adoption, and staff skill upgrading, SCOR® model enables your organization to strengthen logistic and overall performance in a holistic approach.

Learning Objectives

• Explore the origins and goals of the SCOR® model.
• Understand the structure of the SCOR® model manual sourcebook.
• Work with the four central parts of the SCOR® model: Performance (Metrics), Processes, Practices (Best Practices), and People (Skills).
• Summarize a SCOR improvement program to match with the best practices for continuous enhancement.
• To dive into your supply chain context and select the right best practices for Reliability, Agility and Responsiveness
• Learn how to improve your supplier's performance in reliability, agility or responsiveness with right best practices.



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